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Restaurant Designs I love: Chaps.

I was introduced to Chaps last Christmas while I was visiting family in Spokane, Washington.  It's known for having amazing food and a really unique design.  Driving up to the front of the restaurant, I was completely blown away.  It's without a doubt the most eclectic, interesting establishment I've ever set my eyes on.  I literally took over a hundred photos of every nook and cranny of this place [even numerous photos of the bathroom- it was THAT good!] and it would take me several posts just to give you the official tour.  The place was made even more famous by a visit from Guy Fieri and his Food Network show Diners, Drive-ins and Dives [you can proof in the last photo].  This place has been impeccably curated by owner Celeste Shaw.  I had the privilege of meeting Celeste and chatting with her about her restaurant and design aesthetic, since it's very similar to my own.  Here are a  few photos I took upon entering Chaps [there's MANY more that I'll share later on]. 

Who would have thought to use the pages from old books and music as wallpaper?! 

Such a great use of vintage plates and platters in an arrangement over the fireplace.

Yes, that's a random old child's play kitchen.

Love the use of old frames around playing cards. 

Guy Fieri's stamp of approval.