a simpler sound.

What I've been [REALLY] busy doing...whole house renovation anyone?

I don't exactly know how it started, but it's been on my mind since I bought my house four years ago.  Being an early 20th century craftsman bungalow, my home has got oodles of charm and character, but not much in the way of space.  I always knew going up and finishing my attic space was part of the plan, since it was a major selling feature of my house with its unusually high ceilings [most attics, you're lucky to even stand upright in them, and my attic has 13+ foot ceilings...not too shabby].  

I was in the running for being part of a major HGTV renovation a few months back, and their plan was in fact to renovate the attic, which would have been amazing.  Unfortunately, we didn't make the cut.  But the idea was now implanted, and the cogs in my head were turning at such a rapid rate, I couldn't help but try and see if I could pull off this project myself.  

The biggest impetus for going big is my home is now becoming a family compound, where my Mom will also live long term, and hopefully other family members will come and stay over the years.  I also like to play imaginary big family [yeah, I'm TOTALLY Ted from How I Met Your Mother]. In the meantime, my brood consists of my two dogs and two cats [I think my only child syndrome is at fault for this]. 

Since I'm [sort of] an interior designer these days, I've been HEAVILY involved with this project.  I actually had a significant hand in the design of the attic renovation, as well as the small addition on the back end of the house [the part of the renovation that is turning out to be what I'm most excited about!] 

Even though I'm not a licensed architect or interior designer, I was able to work very closely with my architect, sending him scale drawings of what I had in mind, and he's now finishing up the final construction plans. Upon approval by the city [fingers crossed], the construction will begin as early as mid January [SO exciting, but slightly terrifying!] so I've been working 'round the clock, making decisions about plumbing and lighting and woodwork and space planning and AHH!  We've had many sleepless nights about this project, but it will dramatically change our lives for the better once completed. 

Check out the preliminary design plans above, though they've changed here and there, because I'm constantly coming up with new ideas and creative ways to make the house more functional and beautiful.  Over the coming months, I can't wait to take you through the entire process of this renovation. Hopefully by April [our predicted completion date], I'll have something my family and I can truly be proud of.