a simpler sound.

Catching Flight.

I'm [s l o w l y] working on editing all my photography from Alaska, and there are TONS of wildlife shots.  I'm talking close to a thousand [imagine when I finally go on an African safari one day? I'll be so overwhelmed!]. While I'm working on my current nature photography- here's one of my favorite wildlife 'stories.'  

I took these photos while in Salzburg, Austria looking over the Danube river. This duck was just hanging out on the riverbank, admiring the summer flowers, when it turned to acknowledge me. After a few moments of pondering, he decided to move onward and took flight.  I snapped that second shot, and managed to capture his wingspan beautifully, and even caught the tiny flecks of water beading off his feathers. It was a simple, brief moment in my trip, but turned out to be so memorable because of these two photos.