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New Music Mixtape: May Releases

Photo taken at Amoeba Records in Hollywood, CA

When I have trouble sleeping, I typically do one of two things. I find this time apt to clean the house [yes, in my pjs is when I think it's best to organize the spices in the kitchen cabinets or hang items from the ever-growing pile of clothes that accumulates on my desk chair].

My other late night ritual is hunting for new music.  My modus operandi involves sifting through the latest releases on itunes [with a focus on alternative music].  I basically sample 2-3 songs from each band, starting with the album's most popular song and then randomly choosing another. If I absolutely love the few songs I listen to, I may buy an album or EP on the spot [depending on how hefty my itunes cash is, which currently I've got ample funds so I'm being less picky with my purchases] but usually I'll just wish-list it until I've sorted through the majority of new music out there.  I also like to peruse several good music review sites out there [my go-to sites are this, that, and the other] and this helps give me a well-rounded view of what's out there right now and what deserves another listen.  

Tuesdays are always the best for this task, being that's when the majority of new releases come out.  Last night, I came upon some noteworthy tracks.  Here's the 'mixtape' I put together of some new favorites:

1. Blood Red Shoes - 'Cold' [harkening back to my bad ass roots]
2. Beach House - 'Myth' [other worldly]
3. Best Coast - 'Last Year' [liking the guitar riff]
4. POP ETC - 'Keep It for Your Own' [a touch of 80s synth]
5. Atlas Genius - 'Trojans' [upbeat !]
6. Matt Skiba & The Sekrets - 'Falling Like Rain' [Alkaline Trio lite]
7. Passion Pit - 'Take a Walk' [a refreshing change from their electronic falsetto]
8. Animal Kingdom - 'White Sparks' [reminds me of Mew]
9. Here We Go Magic - 'Over the Ocean' [Radiohead influenced]
10. King Charles - 'Lady Percy' [Mumford & Sons approved]
11. Barcelona - 'Slipping Away' [Brian Fennell's got some indie rock soul]
12. Sean Bones - 'Gallon Jug' [love, love that drum]
13. Death and a Cure - 'When It All Goes South' [singer/songwriter represent]

Give some of these a listen- many of these are just singles [with the hopes of fantastic albums to follow] while others come from albums worth buying in their entirety.