a simpler sound.

One of my best photography moments.

This was taken on the Leopoldskron Palace grounds in Salzburg, Austria.  Once a family residence of the prince archbishop Firmian in the 18th century, the palace is known for its grounds and the lake on the property.  Its claim to fame was its role in many scenes of The Sound of Music.  Today, the adjacent building on the property is a hotel, where guests can overlook this idyllic lake and walk the pristine grounds. The hotel wasn't any great shakes [I did actually stay there for a night], but it was worth it for the view alone [and the opulent breakfast that was held in the palace ballroom, but that's another story].  

I love this photo for its composition and symmetry.  The balance between the benches in the foreground, the terra cotta flower pots [one with just a hint of rosy pink color], the ducks in the background and the wash of green from the trees and shrubbery; it was just a perfect little spot. I also love how the lake mimics the foliage in its reflection, like a Monet peeking through the water. 

I'd love to paint this, if I get back into my more artistic habits one day. Shortly after I took this, a group of ducks and geese came up to the benches, begging for food, and I was happy to impart some Wheat Thins [my favorite snack] I had in my bag. So that was just another little travel memory.  I've got so many stored in my head [and on my hard drive], it's hard to keep track of them all!