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The nightstand series: 6-10

6. Glass of milk: yes, you might think- what is a grown adult doing drinking milk by her bedside? But frankly, I don't care- it's a ritual I've continued with since I was a kid, [though over time I switched from 1% to skim- so I suppose that was an adult move...] and it helps me get to sleep, since I can have insomniac tendencies at times.  Nothing too severe, I just get stuck with all the thoughts in my head jumbling about, vying for my attention and preventing me from going straight to a dreamier world. Sometimes I dream about my favorite milk that I could only get while up in Boston during college. Yum.

7. Scented candle: the current one I've got is called 'Vanilla Berry' and it brings me right back to a memory from when I was a kid.  I can vividly recall having a Strawberry Shortcake doll that had this VERY same scent.  I rarely light the candle, but every time I turn to my left, I get a brief scent of Strawberry Shortcake, and I'm soothed to sleep.  

8. Pill box: I don't keep any hardcore drugs here [though it does house some fast-acting Tylenol gel-caps if I'm feeling extra crazy] but it's just such a pretty piece, so I like keeping it nearby.  My Mom got this pill box on a visit to Buckingham Palace in London, when I was ten. I remember not thinking much of it [and the tea cup it matched] but now it's a favorite [or is it favourite?] travel token. 

9. Fresh flowers: I've been a bit lax about this.  I haven't had anything fresh by my bed for a week now- so I'll need to remedy that soon.  I'd love to get fresh flowers from the grocery every week, but usually I end up cutting something pretty from the garden and that does the trick.  Here, I picked a yellow rose and tucked it in an old coca-cola bottle.  I love the combination of pale greenish-blue with the bold yellow. 

10. Moisturizer: I've been using L'Occitane Ultra Rich Body Cream with shea butter. It's so decadent on my tired skin at the end of a long day.  A little bit goes a long way, so although it costs a pretty penny, I've had it for almost a year now and it'll stick around for a while. 

So that rounds out the top ten [or really, the only ten] objects you'll find on my nightstand each night.  Some are meaningful, others purposeful, but all are essentials to me getting a decent night's rest.  

Do you have an interesting nightstand, or want to share yours with me? I'd love to hear about it and add to the nightstand series! Leave a comment, or shoot an email my way: asimplersound@gmail.com

a girl's nightstand holds all her secrets.

Maybe not all her secrets...if that were the case, anyone who entered my home would be privy to the whole of it, and that wouldn't be very wise on my part.  What you will find are several items that are essential to my nightly routine. 

When I took this photo, I was having one of those 'everything looks like art' kind of days, where I'll take 30+ photos of random objects in my house or while I'm out on a walk with the dog. [I know I've gone too far when even the garbage bin I throw her 'business' in has an interesting form..]  This compulsion doesn't stop when I'm lying in bed, which is how the 'nightstand series' came to be.  Initially, this was just going to be one post about the objects next to my bed. What was seemingly going to be a brief exercise, has become rather lengthy, so I'll post a bit each day to give you a glimpse into my life. 

The 'composition' starts with a round, white pedestal table I found at an antique store for $25 [$22.50 with my all cash discount- a fairly standard deal at these sorts of places, and every penny counts!] while I was staying on Amelia Island back in November. It's a little wobbly, partly because my 1930s wood floors have lots of 'character' [an endearing term for uneven] and partly because it's a twenty-something dollar table. It's got a great, wide top, which helps me ignore any flaws in design. 

Set atop the white 'canvas' are ten objects that are invariably always there. 

1. Lamp: I'm so particular when it comes to lighting. I have this weird aversion to overhead lights. Even more-so, I loathe the harsh wash of fluorescent bulbs. I know, I know- this is terribly anti-environment of me, but I'll rant about this more another time.  This lamp has a dark, coffee shade, which bathes my bedside in a warm glow.  This object is also essential for my reading and writing, since other than the local coffee shops, this is the only place I do those two tasks. [I'm sitting in bed as I write this, with four pillows propped up against my back- don't judge, it's all very professional...]

Stay tuned for more musings on my nightstand [trust me, things get really interesting by #4, I promise...]