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Amazing Album Cover Art: Alberto Seveso

I really miss the days of CDs. I used to love flipping through the album booklets, and reading the lyrics and band credits. I always loved when a band's album art was particularly creative or interesting. This same love goes for records, but I'm without a record player [something that I'm currently on the hunt for], so for the meantime, I'll just reminisce about CDs. 

I saw a post on Apartment Therapy today, about this artist Alberto Seveso, who creates beautiful art by photographing ink in water with a high speed camera.  I was completely mesmerized by the combination of colors and the organic, milky texture and shape of the images. 

There was something so familiar about this photography, when I realized I just bought a CD using the very same artist.  The Temper Trap [which you can see their latest album at the top of this post] are fans of Seveso as well, and used a number of his photographs for all their current and upcoming singles.  Check out Alberto Seveso's site, and see how breathtaking ink can be.

1. Photographs found on Alberto Seveso's website