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En Route to Aruba: mystery islands?

I'm back from five glorious days spent basking in the sun and breeze of Aruba.  By far, it was one of the most relaxing trips I've ever been on.  I decided to stay completely off the grid [no cell phone, no internet] for the entire trip, and I feel like my brain has recharged. I've got oodles of breathtaking beach photography to share, but first, I had to address this more pressing matter.  

While flying to Aruba, I had a window seat [by chance since I gave up my original middle seat to a man who wanted to sit with his little boy; kind, yes- but more selfish because I LOVE window seats].  After watching this movie [one which made me rethink and appreciate the beauty of silence- I'm not even being sarcastic and yes this was an Eddie Murphy movie] I looked outside my window and saw this chain of islands [see above].

Since this wasn't one of those fancy planes that had the in-seat GPS tracking every inch of the flight, I had no way of knowing what land mass we were actually flying over.  I performed some in-depth research [four to five minutes of Googling], but had no luck.  In later photos, you can see that parts of this island chain [or archipelago, as my sixth grade social studies teaching brain likes to recall], are definitely inhabited, so I'm just awfully curious as to what mysterious islands I was looking down upon.  The water was so unbelievably crystalline turquoise, I could probably see a large creature in the ocean if I squinted hard enough [I'd still love to see whale sharks in the wild one day!].  

Down to brass tacks: if you or a loved one has any idea of what islands these are, please contact me immediately!  In the meantime, they will remain a mystery. In my mind I will assume they are part of the epic series derivative of LOST [LOST: islands of Atlantis? Let's make it happen...] somehow, and that will temporarily quell any curiosities. 

Continued happy travels and look for more posts on my island getaway to come.