a simpler sound.

New York in Black and White.

I walked into my hotel room, and this is what I found.  Just breathtaking.
I just returned from a work trip to New York. I grew up here, so every time I return, I get such a sense of nostalgia for this great city.  I go through phases where I think I'll sell everything I have and figure out how to make my way back there. It's so beautiful and exciting and there's just no end to what you can do, see, eat, and explore.

The view from my hotel room was unbelievable.  Normally, I get a lovely [ahem, sarcasm]  view of the building directly across the street, where the most I can see is what the apartment across the way is watching on TV [I've actually watched Jeopardy through someone else's apartment window once- "Alex, I'll take Unknowingly Creepy Tendencies for $300"].

This time, we stayed on the 32nd floor of the Affinia Dumont in Murray Hill, and somehow, every building around was lower than ours, so we had a direct view of the Chrysler Building [which I find to be the most architecturally beautiful and classic buildings in Manhattan or anywhere for that matter], along with a view of the east river to my right and the Bank of America tower to my left [I actually didn't know the name of this building until I wrote this- this is currently the second tallest building in New York, after the Empire State].

As I was writing this post, I was horrified to hear that there was a shooting this morning right by the Empire State Building.  I literally just passed on this street everyday for nearly a week, so it was surreal to see the chaos happening on TV this morning. Despite moments like these, I actually feel completely safe in New York [even safer than I do in Atlanta at times] so I hate when moments like this happen, since it gives people the wrong idea about this amazing city.  

More to post about my trip to New York [including my perfect night in Little Italy!], but here are a few pictures to help give you an idea of why I love NYC so much...

The view of the Chrysler at night, taken from my hotel room.
One of my most favorite views of New York.  I love seeing the New Yorker sign juxtaposed to the Empire State Building.
This place brings back such good memories of me and my grandmother.  In the summers, we would take the bus from my neighborhood in Queens over to Macy's, and we would walk together, arm in arm, admiring all the pretty things.  I miss that so much.

Just a random parking sign, but I loved the detail of the bricks next to the big, graphic letters.