a simpler sound.

Music worth a listen: of monsters and men.

If you haven't heard of them before, I highly recommend giving Of Monsters and Men a listen.  The band hails from Iceland, which is probably why the lead female singer reminds me just a bit of Bjork [minus the elecronica-trance vibe and sweet outfits like this]. I've had their EP, Into the Woods since last year and listened to it relentlessly while on a trip to Seattle [alongside a new recording from another great band, The Head and the Heart]. 

Though only four songs, each one is fantastic and addictive in its own right. My love for this band reminds me a bit of my past obsession with Mumford and Sons.  There's something about the combination of varied instruments and how both have the whole band singing in harmony, that really strikes a chord with me. 

Their latest album, My Head is an Animal, recently released in April, is still topping the Alternative charts over a month later.  The album utilizes a fuller range of the band's instruments and voices, but has the right combination of upbeat, catchy songs and slower, more contemplative pieces.

The video I posted is from a couple years back, shot in the band's apartment in Rejkavik.  By filming them in the round, you can really see the full range of instruments [my favorite being the accordion, of course] and voices.

I haven't had the privilege of seeing them live yet, but I look forward to them coming to Atlanta one of these days!